The ACLU of Montana publishes a newsletter three times a year.

Spring – Criminal justice reform, the ACLU of Montana’s rural jails program and the myth of a “Christian” America.

Autumn – The ACLU of Montana takes on discrimination against Native American voters in Wolf Point.
Summer  – Wins and losses in the 2013 Montana Legislature, building a fair community in Billings, jail conditions and more.
Spring – Our Legislative overview, same-sex domestic partnerships, solitary confinement and the Gideon public defense case at 50 years.

Autumn  – Religious freedom in public schools, new jail and prison litigation, a preview of our November solitary confinement conference and more.
Summer  – Digital privacy under attack, a look at upcoming election initiatives and referenda, victories in prison cases, and more.
Winter  – Vote no on a referendum to elect Montana Supreme Court justices by district, looking ahead to Abolition Sundays and National ACLU Legal Director Steve Shapiro’s visit to Montana, new legal director and development directors take over.

Autumn  – Fair is Fair Tour Takes Montana, Legal Director Leaves ACLU of Montana Lasting Legacy, Public Defender System Still Needs Improvement, and more
Summer – How civil liberties failed in the 2011 Montana Legislature, domestic partnerships and a victory for pregnant prisoners
Spring  – The 2011 Legislative Session heats up; 90 years of the ACLU; and fighting to end the death penalty


Fall – ACLU of Montana wins Same-Sex Parenting Case in front of Montana Supreme Court
Summer  – ACLU of Montana argues Same-Sex Parenting Case in front of Montana Supreme Court
Spring – Death Penalty Abolition Making Huge Strides in the Montana Legislature