Legislative Summary 2015

Niki Zupanic testifies at the Montana Legislature

ACLU of Montana  -  End of Session Summary and Highlights  The Veto Pen Cometh (for Anti-Choice Bills) Governor Bullock vetoed all three anti-choice bills to reach his desk. In his veto messages, Governor Bullock echoed the points we shared in the Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition’s veto request letter, and stated, “Montana’s elected officials have no […]

What I learned interning for the ACLU of Montana

ACLU jessica s blog

Contributed by: Jessica Salmassian, Legislative Intern at ACLU of Montana, Spring 2015   My time at the American Civil Liberties Union has been a learning experience. In accepting this internship, I had high expectations about what I would be able to glean from this opportunity, all of which have been exceeded. I originally became interested […]

Fare Thee Well… Six City Farewell Tour

Scott Crichton is too much of a Rock Star to have just one good-bye gala. Join us in a city near you to celebrate Scott’s tenure at the helm of ACLU of Montana: Monday, May 18th – Billings Tuesday, May 19th – Bozeman Wednesday, May 20th – Helena Thursday, May 21st – Great Falls Thursday, […]

What’s Happening In Helena? Transmittal Report

Transmittal is upon us!  We have reached the half-way point in the 2015 Legislative Session.  Check out our Transmittal Report here and read about all the bills we have testified on so far this session and their current status.

What’s Happening in Helena? Legislative Update Week 7

                                             Legislative Update for February 16 The pace of bill hearings has picked up significantly and will continue through this week as the Legislature approaches the transmittal deadline for general bills on February 27. Check Facebook and our website for more updates during the week. Highlights from February 9 – 15 The House Judiciary Committee heard […]

It’s GO TIME! Montana Abolition Coalition needs you tomorrow.

Posted for Jen Kirby of the Montana Abolition Coalition: House Bill 370 has been officially introduced in the Montana House of Representatives. This bill is a bipartisan effort to replace the death penalty with life without parole. House Bill 370 is scheduled for hearing on Friday, February 13th at 8am in  the House Judiciary Committee. This […]

What’s Happening in Helena? Legislative Update 2/9/15

ACLU of Montana Public Policy Director Niki Zupanic testifies at the Montana Capitol

ACLU of Montana Public Policy Director Niki Zupanic reports in on which legislation we support, which we oppose and which upcoming bills we are watching. Legislative Update for February 9 Highlights from February 2 – 7 We supported two pro-privacy bills: HB 74 by Rep. Lynch (D – Butte) updates our data breach notification laws […]

Locked in the Past: Montana’s Jails in Crisis


  In many ways, county detention centers bear the brunt of a broken criminal justice system. Many county detention centers in Montana have severe conditions issues and are underfunded, inadequately staffed, and largely ignored by county commissioners, county law enforcement departments, and the public.  An inadequately funded statewide public defender system, a broken bond system, […]

Religious Freedom Day: What Are We Celebrating? Freedom or Religion?

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By   James C. Nelson, Montana Supreme Court Justice (Retired) Today is Religious Freedom Day.  This day is officially proclaimed by the President on January 16, of each year.  The day commemorates the Virginia General Assembly’s adoption of the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom, written by Thomas Jefferson and adopted on January 16, 1786.  This statue […]

Oklahoma Plays Torture Roulette With Lethal Injection

By Cassandra Stubbs and Anna Arceneaux, ACLU Capital Punishment Project   The logical response to Clayton Lockett’s bloody, pain-filled, unconstitutional execution in Oklahoma eight months ago would be to prevent such torture from happening again. But Oklahoma has another idea for its first execution since Lockett’s. Instead of learning from its mistakes, the state will […]